Certified Blockchain Architect (CBR)

Certified Blockchain Architect (CBR) Program offers the developers an exciting opportunity to work with the Research & Development Engineers and Scientists of Kerala Blockchain Academy on live projects on Blockchain. This will help Certified Ethereum Developers and Certified Hyperledger Developers to apply the theoretical and practical knowledge and gain real project exposure on all facets of Blockchain development activities.

In order to certify the participant as Blockchain Architect, they need to work for a minimum of 8 WEEKS (Full Time) on any live projects on Ethereum or Hyperledger Fabric which are ongoing at Kerala Blockchain Academy.

Duration :  8 weeks

ABCD Full Scholarship Students:  INR 10000 + GST

ABCD Non-scholarship Students  : INR 10000 + GST

Direct Students : INR 15000 + GST