Certified Blockchain Developer

Topic 1 : Certified Hyperledger Fabric Developer


Kerala Blockchain Academy, an Associate member of Hyperledger, offers comprehensive training and certification on Hyperledger Fabric for developers. Hyperledger Fabric is an enterprise-grade permission DLT framework for developing distributed applications and solutions for businesses. The modular, versatile and privacy-oriented design of Fabric helps to achieve the needs of specific industry use cases. The developer course primarily focuses on chaincode (smart contract) and application development on Hyperledger Fabric using NodeJS. The course caters to the needs of developers and administrators since it is a perfect blend of topics related to application development, network administration, and deployment.

The course begins with a refresher on Blockchain terminologies and applications which then opens to extensive coverage of fabric components and architecture. A use-case driven approach is taken in which the learner would be able to understand the concepts by building up a use-case from scratch. By the end of the course, the learner will be able to build a minimal Fabric network using docker, implement chaincode using NodeJS, write client applications using Fabric SDKs, and leverage the Fabric CA capabilities.

Topic 2 : Certified Ethereum Developer (CED)

Certified Ethereum Developer course is highly lab-intensive and requires advanced web development knowledge. But we have designed the program in such a way that in the first week, the basics of Decentralized Application Development and Ethereum will be taught and on completing the required number of assignments and exercises and in the second week, the advanced concepts in Ethereum and dApp development will be


ABCD Full Scholarship Students: INR 4000+GST

ABCD Non-scholarship Students : INR 8000 + GST

Direct Students : INR 15,000 + GST

Agenda : Certified Hyperledger Fabric Developer

● Introduction to Blockchain Technologies
● Introduction to Hyperledger
● Introduction – Case Study
● Fabric Components and Architecture
● Designing and Implementing Network
● Transaction Lifecycle
● Introduction to Client App Development
● Chaincode Development
● Chaincode Development – Continuation
● Endorsement Policies
● Certificate Authority – Fabric CA
● Using Fabric SDK in client app development
● Private Data
● Hyperledger Composer

Duration for Hyperledger Developer or Ethereum Developer  : 90 Hrs 

Agenda :Certified Ethereum Developer (CED)

• Review of Certified Blockchain Associate (CBA) Program
• Introduction to Ethereum
• Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM): Accounts, Transactions, Gas, Ether, Memory
• Ethereum dApp Architecture
• Introduction to Smart Contracts, Remix and Solidity
• Different Ethereum Wallets
• Introduction to Ethereum Client – Geth
• Introduction to Web3
• Advanced Solidity and Remix Analysis, Debugging and Testing
• Assignments + QUIZ 1
• Ethereum Clients (Advanced) – Geth Multi-Node Setup
• Introduction to Truffle
• Integrating Truffle with Node.JS for dApp Development
• Web3 Browser Signed Transaction
• Web3 Server Signed Transaction
• Testing dApps
• Introduction to IPFS
• Best Practices in dApp Development
• Advanced Concepts in Ethereum
• Assignments + QUIZ 2 + Final Project Discussion