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Accelerated Blockchain Competency Development (ABCD) Programme

Attached following are some of the frequently asked Questions and our responses to the same. Please feel free to call us at 0471-2700-812/813 or write to us at, for more details.

Who can apply for this course?

Graduate or Diploma holders in Engineering and Science with basic computer programming skills. Students who are awaiting results can also apply.

What is the Age Limit for applying to this course?

30-years for Graduate category.

50-years for employed category

What are subjects covered for Entrance Test?

It is a 90 Minute online examination with 50% weight-age on computer fundamentals.

Numerical Ability, Logical Reasoning, Verbal reasoning and Computer Science Fundamentals. The level of difficulty will be of +2 level

The core topics covered are :-

  • Analytical Ability and Logical Reasoning
  • Attention to Detail
  • Computer Fundamentals
  • Operating Systems
  • Networking
  • SDLC
  • Algorithms & Programming Fundamentals
  • Design / System Architecture

Will the Fees (Entrance Fees ) refundable?

The Entrance Fees is Non-Refundable,  However the course fee(Rs.1000/-) will be refunded if you do not qualify the entrance test.

What is the duration of the courses ?

Full stack course

Course Duration: 160 Hrs (120 Hrs in classroom and 40 Hrs self learning); 66 Hrs for working Professionals (through online; on weekends)

Blockchain course

Blockchain Associate: 30 Hrs

Blockchain Developer: 90 Hrs

Both will be on regular basis for Graduated Youths and will be on weekends for Students.

Blockchain Architect: 330 Hrs (full time Internship mode for all participants)

Does working professionals /Students have an Online option ?

For graduates  Fullstack course is conducted in classrooms

For working Professionals , Fullstack course is conducted through weekend classes combined with online sesions; Blockchain Associate and Blockchain Developer course will be on weekends

However, the Blockchain Architect module is internship based and will be on full time basis only

For Students, what are the next step for registration to the course?

We have stopped registering students for the course as the courses will be offered to the students only through selected colleges. Students are requested to go through their colleges for enrolment to courses.

I have experience in MEAN Stack - do I need to still go through your Fullstack Course?

If you have 2+ years of experience in MEAN Stack , Javascript and Python Programming , you can skip the Fullstack Developer course and can directly register for Blockchain training programme(at IIITMK).

The fees for entrance is Rs 500/-, but why are you charging Rs 1500/-

Yes, the fees for Student Entrance Test is Rs 500/- only. However, in order to ensure that your seat is booked, an advance of Rs 1000/- is added to the entrance fees, at the time of registration. This Rs 1000/- will be adjusted against your course fees. If , due to any reasons you do not qualify for the entrance test , we shall refund the course fee advance of Rs 1000/- (after deducting any applicable service charges)

Is there a fee scholarship scheme as part of the course ?

Yes, if you are Graduate and yet to start working, you will be eligible for our fee discount scholarships provided your age is 30 and below. If you score more than 60 % on Students Entrance Test (SET) you will get around 70% fee discount for Fullstack Developer course . Similarly if you score more than 60 % in FSD Certification , you will be eligible for similar discounts for BC developer course . Please note, there will be no fee waiver for BC Architect module.

Where will the Entrance test be conducted?

ICTAK will be conducting the entrance test for graduates/working professionals in  following centers.

  • Thiruvananthapuram: ICTAK Learning Center Technopark.
  • Ernakulam: Adi Shankara Institute of Engg and Technology college Kalady
  • Thrissur : ICTAK Learning center , Infopark , Koratty.
  • Calicut : ICTAK Learning center , UL Cyber park, Calicut.

Where will be the Classrooms for the programme?

ICTAK will conduct the FSD Training for graduates in  following centers.

  • Thiruvananthapuram: ICTAK Learning Center Technopark.
  • Ernakulam: Adi Shankara Institute of Engg and Technology college Kalady
  • Thrissur : ICTAK Learning center , Infopark , Koratty.
  • Calicut : ICTAK Learning center , UL Cyber park, Calicut.

FSD Training for Employed batches will be conducted in Thiruvananthapuram and Ernakulam districts.

What are the criteria for appearing FSD course Final Assessment ?

  • Candidate should have minimum 85% attendance for class room sessions.
  • Candidate should complete all assignments and assessments as per course Quality Framework.

Do you offer certificate for the programme ?

Yes. FSD PASS Certification will be issues to candidates who score more than  cut off percentage in final assessment.

Full Stack Developer Certificate is issued by ICTAK and KDISC (Govt. of Kerala)

BlockChain Certificate will be issued by Kerala Blockchain Academy & KDISC (Govt. of Kerala)

Will there be a placement assistance for the programme?

We assist for the placement / Internship of successful candidates however we don’t guaranty any placements.

Can non-Keralites apply for the programme ?

Yes, the programme is open for anyone, who can attend the classes in the various locations in Kerala.

What are the Job prospects for the programme

Fullstack and Python Programming are very much in demand for the industry now.

Blockchain is an emerging technology and industry is yet to get ready for the projects and hence the demand and supply is low. However, in the next 8 – 10 months, we believe there will be a huge demand for Blockchain developers in the country.

Lot of projects are being formed in the US and Europe on Blockchain , which are likely to pick up in the next few months.

By attending the course , you will be able to apply for the current and future demands of the industry – in a way , we are preparing you for the next 5 years of employment opportunity in the Country !

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